The most common excuse for inactivity is lack of time. Between work, family and friends, it can be difficult to find time for the gym. Despite this, fitness should be a priority. Daily exercise goes a long way in making you happier, more energetic, and more likely to succeed in the workplace. If it feels like your nine to five is making it impossible to work out, here are five things you can do to incorporate exercise into your daily life.

1. Plan Ahead

Make a schedule and stick to it. Taking a look at your weekly schedule before Monday and planning workouts and gym time (and committing to it!) goes a long way toward making exercise a more regular part of your routine. By planning ahead, you will be mentally prepared for your workout of choice that day, minimizing the chance that a stressful day will send you straight home to the couch. Hold yourself accountable by enlisting a workout buddy. Company and competition are great motivators, and will make it more difficult to ditch your pre-planned workouts!

2. Early Mornings and Long Lunches

Maybe you’re not a morning person, but the hours before the work day begins are perfect for people who truly feel they have no time or energy after clocking out each day. The best part: your workouts are done before the day really begins! You will feel more energized going into the day after getting some exercise first thing in the morning. Alternatively, lunch hour offers a second chance for movement if that early morning wakeup call just won’t happen. OurLunch Time Lift class is specifically designed for busy professionals having difficulty finding the time to exercise before or after work.

3. Sneak in Movement at Work

Spending all of your time in the office doesn’t mean giving up on exercise. It just means you’ll need to get a little more creative. Push-ups, planks and squats are all great exercises that can be done at your desk. Choose stairs over the elevator, park further away, or discuss that issue with a coworker in person rather than sending an email. Every little bit of movement helps!

4. Choose Something Over Nothing

You don’t need an hour of dedicated time to reap the benefits of daily exercise. If you only have five minutes here or there, take advantage of it rather than deciding it’s not enough to make a difference. A little bit is better than none at all! Fit in some movement during TV commercials, while talking on the phone, or in between household chores.

5. Exercise Efficiently

If time is limited, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of each workout. Working one-on-one with a personal trainer or joining a small group for semi-private training is a great way to make the most of your time at the gym. On your own, utilize high intensity interval classes such as Tabata Abs or Polar HIIT to make sure your time in the gym is as efficient and effective as it can be.

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