It’s hard to believe that summer will soon be coming to an end. As kids get ready to go back to school and you take your last vacations of the summer, your schedule is likely to become jam packed as fall approaches. This is a time year that many fall victim to the “I don’t have time to workout.” excuse.

The real issue isn’t a lack of available time. The real problem is a lack of motivation, prioritization and time management. By learning to manage your time better, you can find the time you need for a functional workout.

1. Make a list

Every night, write down everything you need to accomplish the next day, including your workouts. Prioritize your tasks by the most important and urgent. Focus on the tasks on your list so that you don’t get side-tracked by non-productive tasks.

Set a clear time

Make sure that you schedule time for your workouts. This doesn’t mean vaguely stating that you will go in the morning or after work. Define the time and location of your workout and physically put it on your schedule. If you have a family, create a shared calendar so that you can your partner can plan for the time that you will be unavailable and avoid any scheduling conflicts.

Bring a friend

Invite a friend to join your workout. When you make workout plans with someone else, you are more likely to follow through because they are relying on you. It’s also a healthier way to spend quality time than going out eat or getting drinks. Classes like TRX and Bootcamps are great for small groups.

Limit screen time

If you add up all of the time that you spend aimlessly scrolling through social media or flipping through TV channels, you will likely find that it adds up to the time you need to get an efficient workout accomplished. We waste so much time in front of screens. Make the most of your time by limiting this distraction. You will accomplish your task faster and find yourself with more time to dedicate to yourself.

Share the responsibility

Delegating tasks to other family members and coworkers can help to lighten your load. It is easy to feel like you have to get everything done but sharing responsibilities will reduce your stress and give you back some time. At home, divide household tasks to allow yourself some “down” days. For example, alternating nights to make dinner will help you have an extra hour in the evenings. At work, leverage you co-workers to make sure that time is spend efficiently. Do you really need 3 people from your department in the same meeting? Usually, not. Let one person represent your department and bring back the meeting notes. This creates extra time to focus on more productive tasks.

Make the most of down time

Arrived to a meeting 15 min early? Waiting for your child’s soccer practice to end? Use that time to accomplish small tasks like responding to emails, making a grocery list, answering a few phone calls, etc. By getting small tasks done during down time, you can free up time later in the day to fit in a workout.


Adjust your expectations

If your schedule is jam packed, expecting to fit in an hour-long workout might be setting you up for disappointment. Instead, understand your available time and find a workout that is efficient in a short period of time. Even a 20-minute walk with your family is better than doing nothing.

Saying you don’t have time for a workout is really just another excuse. Hold yourself accountable and make the lifestyle adjustments you need to ensure that you are making your health and fitness a priority. It is important to set time aside to take care of yourself.

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