Just over two years ago, we opened our doors with the mission of bringing a new approach to fitness. Our goal was to provide our clients with the tools they need to make a meaningful lifestyle transformation.

From day one, our clients have supported our efforts and made our vision possible

It has been a rewarding experience to help transform people’s lifestyle. We have helped hundreds of clients with customized fitness plans to help achieve their goals.

The greatest way to help our clients continue to improve is to improve ourselves by investing in Red Run Fitness. Over the past two months, we have make significant enhancements to ensure maximum results for our clients.

Red Run Fitness New Layout

New Layout

We have adjusted our layout to reduce traffic during classes and provide more room for our traditional cardio and boot camp style classes. This allows us to provide classes while also offering one-on-one training services.

New Classes

Not only have we added new TRX, weight training classes and self-defense classes, we also increased the volume of classes offered. You will easily find a class that fits your interests and your schedule. Check out our new class schedule and try your first one for FREE.

New Equipment

We increased our equipment to accommodate more clients and more success stories. You will find 100 times more plates and 7 times more bars. By adding more equipment, we are investing in the ability to provide great training to more people.

New People

Our unique approach to personalized one-to-one training just got better. We are adding additional staff members to bring even more specialized services, including mixed martial arts and self-defense. With a combined 30 years of training experience, our staff provides a variety of specializations to help you achieve your goals and tailor your routine to your interests.

At Red Run Fitness, we are grateful to our clients who helped us get started by believing in our dream. We continue to strive to provide the quality services that continue to evolve. Our goal is to continue to improve our facility so that you can continue to achieve your goals.

If you are new to Red Run Fitness, we would love to show you how we are more than a gym with a FREE Fitness Strategy Session.  

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