Why a movement screen is the key to designing effective, personalized workouts.

The New Year is coming fast, and if you’re like millions of others this time of year, you’re starting to think about resolutions. After a season of feasting and relaxing with family, many of us feel the stirrings of restlessness and are ready to hit the gym with renewed energy come January 1. If your New Year’s resolutions are in any way fitness related, your best bet for sticking to your routine is to find a trainer whose methods, personality, and coaching style mesh best with your learning style and level of fitness.

When looking for the right trainer, there are many factors to consider. Everyone learns differently, and only you know what coaching style is most likely to assist you in your fitness journey. While some seek a tough love mentality and want to be pushed to their limits, others may require a gentler, more gradual approach. If you know you need support and encouragement and are looking for someone to cheer you on and congratulate you on each victory, a trainer with a drill-sergeant-like coaching style may not work in your favor.

Another factor to consider is the experience of your prospective trainer. If you have specific fitness goals such as running a marathon, perfecting a handstand, or improving at a competitive sport, it may be helpful to select someone with experience in those areas. While a person without that specific background may be an excellent trainer, working one on one with someone who understands the nuances of your chosen sport or activity may be more helpful in designing a workout schedule that zeroes in on the exact skills you’re looking to improve upon.

At Red Run Fitness, our team of qualified trainers is a skilled, passionate, and diverse bunch. While each trainer comes with his or her unique coaching style and perspective, what’s important to all of us is making sure our clients feel encouraged, inspired, and comfortable during their training sessions. Working with each individual’s strengths and weaknesses to maximize efficiency is our focus, which is why our trainers insist on initial assessments with each prospective client.

Initial assessments and movement screens work by isolating specific body parts or muscle groups so that each can be assessed independently. Movement screens identify the muscular asymmetries, weaknesses, and imbalances that our bodies develop over time. These imbalances not only make our workouts less efficient; they make us more prone to injury. By isolating each area of the body and identifying the areas that are most injury prone or need the most work, our trainers are able to design highly personalized exercise routines that allow each person to get the most out of his or her workout, while also avoiding injury or pain. Over time, working with a trainer will improve muscular imbalances so that even the movements and tasks of daily life are done more efficiently and in a way that avoids injury and pain. If this sounds like something you’d like to tackle in the New Year, head on over to Red Run Fitness to see which of our trainers is right for you!

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