Optimize your game through specialized fitness.

The type of workout we define will depend on season, which determines exercises, workload and rest periods. The goal of our golf fitness program is to build and maintain muscular endurance, power, and flexibility in the primary swing muscles.

-Ryan Schaftel, CSCS

PGA qualifying school grads have one major thing in common:
they work out!

A few questions to determine whether our golf fitness classes are for you:

  • Do you think physical limitations are effecting your golf game?
  • Would you like to generate a more stable powerful swing?
  • Are you looking to protect your joints from common overuse injuries on the course?

At Red Run Fitness we have designed year-round training plans for golfers of all abilities, based on progressive overload principles at specific times. Off season, pre season, competitive period, and post season.

If you are a PGA teaching professional, Red Run Fitness can partner with you to help your students improve their game.  Red Run Fitness is proud to offer an exclusive partnership with PGA teaching professionals directly aimed at improving our students game.

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