About five years ago, Crossfit did a great job of bringing intensity back to group fitness, but at the same time, created enough injuries for physical therapists to scale their practices into rehabilitation factories specifically welcoming former CrossFit junkies – the “fittest on earth.”

Pre Crossfit craze, I was at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) in Oceanside, CA for a continuing education seminar, where I sat next to a Physical Therapist in his early 50s. The topic discussed was “different industry trends and what does that mean for the fitness professional?” As the TPI presenters started talking about the pros and cons of the popular at home options of the time; P90x and Insanity, the man next to me said: “Both have been game changers for me, I can’t wait for CrossFit!” This PT recognized that the same type of person who thinks they can go from a completely sedentary existence to jumping around their living room forwards, backward, and laterally without any proper movement progressions, will be the same person who watches the “Fittest on Earth” on Netflix and thinks that can be them. Although I do not remember this mans name, I am sure he made the most of this opportunity and is probably on Forbes list.

At Red Run Fitness we have taken some very innovative steps to combine a community similar to CrossFit with prehab attributes of physical therapy to develop a system that customizes the exercise experience. Our team strongly emphasizes the quality of movement as well as the proper time to progress or regress any given exercise. On August 1st, 2018, we rebranded ourselves with the goal of providing a unique semi-private experience where all aspects are tracked, recorded, and evaluated every month.

What did we learn? In every trainer/client relationship, the intensity will inevitably decrease over time. By moving away from one-on-one personal training and towards semi-private sessions, the client is just comfortably uncomfortable to perform best under limited peer pressure. By exercising in groups of 4, clients pay more attention to why they are there, key alignment points, allowed rest times, and everything else necessary to break through plateaus and creates sustainable results.

In addition to all the subjective benefits, every month we have seen a steady decrease in body fat percentage, BMI, and Visceral fat (fat marbled around your organs) levels. At the same time, we’ve found a correlating increase in muscle mass percentages and resting metabolic rates.

Intro offer: 14 days 6 semi-private personal training sessions for $75

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