You had an entire year to hit the weights, do cardio, stretch, and eat well, but here we are again. It’s mid-March and you’re already counting down the weeks until beach season.

Next time you set a summer shred goal, train like an athlete

An athlete uses a periodized plan that has specific goals for set time frames. If beach season is three months away, this is the time to establish priorities that will set you up for fun in the sun.

The first month: lots of cardio

This is most important time to build your aerobic base. This is the foundation for future gains. Rep ranges are high, rest between sets are low, and exercises should be performed circuit style. The physiological adaptions occurring at this time will prepare your body to build strength, and physically adapt in the coming months.

Women jogging along the beach.
Recommended Class: Level 1 Bootcamp

Multiple small circuits and station training, as well as lower impact exercises, such as TRX-style suspension and body weight training.

Dad and daughter walk along the beach.

The second month: build strength

Time to lay down on the bench and raise the bar. Reps are lowered, weights are raised, more time to relax between sets, total volume is increasing. This is when your metabolism will start to speed up and body fat will turn to muscle in your sleep.

Recommended Class: Level 1 Bootcamp

These 45 minute classes will cover the fundamental movement patterns needed to increase strength by engaging every muscle in your body. Broken down into two days, alternating between upper body and lower body.

The third month: increase intensity

As your vacation approaches, your body can lift more weight and recover faster between sets. It’s time to combine the best of both worlds through high intensity interval training. Large muscle group exercises using your legs, back and chest will drive your heart rate up followed by smaller muscle group exercises; abs, biceps, triceps, and calves will bring your heart rate back down. The combination of months one and two in this order will allow your body to adapt quickly and efficiently to avoid common plateaus, or overuse injuries.

At Red Run Fitness, we can design a class schedule with the same training goals as an athletes periodized plan to help you kick start your beach body.
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