Most people have thought through what they would do in a physical attack.
Fight back, run, scream.

But until you are faced with an actual scenario, where you must defend yourself, it is hard to know how you will react.

Proper self-defense training provides skills for protection along with fitness benefits. Unlike weapons, your own skills cannot be used against you in an attack. The shock of a physical attack can throw off your balance and instincts. Proper training will ensure that you know what to expect and how to appropriately react. In addition to personal protection benefits, professional training provides conditioning, competitive preparation, and situational awareness.

Red Run Fitness recently partnered with Brian Stanley, a martial arts and combatives instructor with 27 years of experience, to bring our clients the same self-defense techniques he has been teaching to civilians, military and law enforcement.


In addition to the unique expertise that Brian provides, these specialized sessions provide a full body workout.
Lower Body

Much of self-defense training relies on the legs because they can deliver a debilitating blow quickly. The repetitive kicks and knee strikes help to define and sculpt your leg muscles. While weight lifting can build leg muscles, self-defense training teaches you to  control each movement to maximize effectiveness.

Upper Body

Surprisingly, many people do not know how to effectively utilize their upper body to land a strike without losing their balance. The combination of strikes, punches and jobs work to sculpt your biceps, triceps and shoulders.


Self-defense training is efficient because you are able to train multiple areas at the same time. Whether you are working on kicks or jabs, you are utilizing your core to stabilize and twist to deliver the strike. These multi-purposed movements allow you to maximize your workout.

Brian Stanley Self Defense and Martial Arts Instructor
Who is Brian Stanley?

Brian’s experience with the Department of the Army as well as Department of Homeland Security as a officer and Lieutenant provided him with a strong background for self defense.

Brian is the Director of several martial arts organizations for the State of Maryland and currently works as an Executive Protection Specialist providing security for notable figures such as former President Obama, The “Rock” Dwayne Johnson and many of the Baltimore Ravens.


Self-defense classes will not only build your confidence for confronting real life scenarios but you build your overall cardiovascular endurance. The constant, face-paced movement will keep your heart rate up and increase your agility. Traditional cardio workouts, like treadmills and elliptical machines, tend to get boring quickly but the varied movement of self-defense training provides the same effect and results with a more engaging approach.

Are you ready to break out of your normal workout and experience a functional workout?

Classes will be held every Saturday from 12pm-1:15pm

Small group classes (up to 4 people) on Tuesday 5-6pm or 7:30-8:30pm and Thursday from 7:30-8:30pm
Private lessons available Monday through Friday by appointment.

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